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The Power of Ugly

How are you supposed to take it when a friend hands you a book entitled The Power of Ugly? Are they saying that I have the power? That I need the power? Having read the book, probably both – to … Continue reading

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Response books to Love Wins in the works

Just in from Christian Retailing (see the original article at Christian Retailing). I’m looking forward to reading Mark Galli’s July release God Wins (great title!). I remember several years back reading his earlier title Jesus Mean and Wild: The Unexpected … Continue reading

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Church in the Present Tense

After some rather heavy going with Thorleif (see earlier review on Hebrew Thought Compared with Greek), reading Church in the Present Tense was a welcome change of pace. Though I still had to keep my dictionary handy. Church in the … Continue reading

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Life Together

I read Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s Life Together at least ten years ago, and have been minded for some time to take and read it again. Wow. I’m simultaneously reading the rather large biography of Bonhoeffer’s life by Eric Metaxas so I … Continue reading

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