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Give Yourself a Break and Read 24/6

CONTENT I think a self-confessed workaholic gave me this book because he knew Matthew Sleeth’s 24/6 would be more my speed. Which means the workaholic needed the book more than I did. For several years I’ve had a growing conviction … Continue reading

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What to do this summer? I know, I could take an intensive 10 week course and learn to read Greek!!!

Every language is a lens. If you were born wearing pink glasses and could never take them off or exchange them for another shade, you would assume the world is pink without even being aware of pinkness as a quality … Continue reading

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VineArts Writer’s Group

I love this conversation! We have an amazing community of writers at Vineyard Boise. Actually, a better word would be wondrous. We (actually Brandon) just shot this video where several of members of the writers’ group have a conversation about … Continue reading

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Poetry from Lithuania: Verses for the King

The parcel was poetry itself. Didn’t want to open it. Wasn’t time. Yet. But after a bit of prodding, okay. With bookstore scalpel in hand I made the delicate incision and extracted ten books of poetry from Kel in Lithuania. … Continue reading

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Sexuality in the New Testament: Quite the Sexy Read…or Not

CONTENT The NT writers are one in seeing sex as belonging to God’s creation and so as being a natural part of life to be enjoyed in the right place and the right time. They are also one in affirming … Continue reading

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