Poetry from Lithuania: Verses for the King

The parcel was poetry itself.from Lithuania opened
Didn’t want to open it.
Wasn’t time.
But after a bit of prodding, okay.
With bookstore scalpel in hand
I made the delicate incision
and extracted
ten books of poetry
from Kel in Lithuania.
I met Kel as many years ago
in Glasgow
in a school of ministry
his friend Peter, too, as I recall.
Verses for the King

the first is dedicated Peter…

Ash trays and beer mugs
fire trap, smoke filled basement
jazz piano and double bass

Hot humid summer night
A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Sydney Opera house and bridge

Hernandez late night coffee
Ethiopian Vienna
amongst taxi drivers and pimps

Driving in your Corolla
leafy Eastern Suburbs
chewing the breeze

Governors, Dunners
reminiscing, looking forward
relaxing, enjoying

Peter, this is how I remember you
your stupid dinosaur
and corny smile

God, I have a question
they tell me he will die, today or tomorrow
stupid, spiteful, stinkin’ leukaemia

I know the times
the eschatological tension
the kingdom now but not yet

I know you have given 
I know you take away
your name will be praised

But I still have a question
a little question
a big question

Selfishly, God,
he is my friend
and this really hurts

the question I have
is simply

Why God?
Why? Why? Why?


About wordhaver

I've been pastoring in various churches over the past three decades; for the past eight years have been an associate pastor at the Vineyard in Boise; oversee small group ministry and adult education classes - and manage the on-campus bookstore.
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