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Thank you, Harry. Peace.

I believe understanding and giving to other people is a gift that only comes when we have the courage to look closely and carefully at ourselves and discover the goodness, compassion, and forgiveness that resides there. This was my friend Harry … Continue reading

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Who says talking “creed” has to be a dull business…

By nature I am one of those lugubrious optimists – liturgical on the outside, but anarchial on the inside. As the fool longs to play Hamlet, so this Hamlet has always longed to play the fool. I want to wear … Continue reading

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Ah the smell of it…

Sorry. I just couldn’t resist… And in other news, thank you, Lee. Yesterday she brought by an 1803 German Bible – a bulky beast of a book with locks and that is wondrously falling apart – just so I could … Continue reading

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