The Promise of Paradox Scares Me to Death Regularly

what a pair

I didn’t intentionally place these two side by side on our “Readshare” shelf (people can take any book on this shelf, read, and, hopefully, not being book piggies, will return said books when finished). But these two made me pause and laugh – and laughter was a much needed gift at the moment.

I’ve read The Promise of Paradox — Parker Palmer is a fav of mine. His book TheĀ Courage to Teach has been foundational and formative for me in what I do as a teacher in whatever setting (think I encountered it in the mid-nineties).

God Has Never Failed Me – But He’s Sure Scared Me to Death a Few Times is new to me (oh, but then, not really.) Haven’t read it, but the title itself is worth the price of admission. Generally, the last thing we do is celebrate the contradictions of life. Generally, we want religion to remove or at least to smooth the contradictions — and it’s certainly not supposed to introduce us to more of them!

Real religion embraces contradiction and paradox, however. And in light of the real religion I have known, I would probably have to change the title of Toler’s book to “God has never failed to scare me to death.”

Because he, and life, do. On a regular basis.

book sniffer_2






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I've been pastoring in various churches over the past three decades; for the past eight years have been an associate pastor at the Vineyard in Boise; oversee small group ministry and adult education classes - and manage the on-campus bookstore.
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