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I’m in dire need of some simplification in my blogging life.keep-calm-and-moving-on-12

I dived in (more like was shoved into) the world of blogging three years ago, ultimately ending up with what I named my “wordhavering” blog some two years ago. About that same time, I was encouraged (shoved more like, again) to start a blog for each area of ministry I’m involved in (yes I do the pastor jig, gig, thing). So I had one for education classes, one for small groups, and one for the bookstore I manage. Then early this year I started another blog for the daily devotions I write for my church community.

Five blogs.

And I’ve realized that’s three too many.

The education blog never really got off the ground, so I finally deleted it a few months ago. The small group blog has just never picked up traction with my target audience (the small group community in my church). That’s actually not a bad thing. Face to face connection and dialogue seems to be the preferred avenue of communication (go figure). So I’m closing the loop on that one.

Then there’s this blog, the BookCellar blog. This one has actually gotten some traction and picked up a number of followers (thank you!). It’s been stretching to try my hand at book reviews (I still think I suck at them) and fun to try writing book reviews using a rating system stolen adapted from the Today I Watched A Movie blog.

But I need to close the loop and put my energies into the two blogs I keep coming back to: (1) the daily reflections blog with posts five days a week in which I “haver” my way through Scriptures we are processing in our church community both in small group settings and in the larger Sunday morning “church” context; and (2) my “wordhavering” blog where I can be a little more random and ranging with poetry posts, theological musings, quotes, pictures or whatever strikes my fancy. And now it’s where I’ll do any book “reviews” I take the time to write – I’m just not going to even try to rate or professionally review the books. I’ll just share the books that move me and tell you a little about why they do.

So those of you who have enjoyed my speed on this BookCellar blog, I invite you to check me out on my two remaining active blogs. I hope you find helpful grist for your mind, heart and soul.

Thank you for following along with me here.

Read more.
Judge less.
Love deep.
Live large.

Actually, the tag should read, "over there"

Actually, the tag should read, “over there”


About wordhaver

I've been pastoring in various churches over the past three decades; for the past eight years have been an associate pastor at the Vineyard in Boise; oversee small group ministry and adult education classes - and manage the on-campus bookstore.
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